What is stinging? How to burn black prizes, sales, gambling, babies

What is stinging?  How to burn black prizes, sales, gambling, babies
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You hear people use the word astral burning quite a lot, especially when talking about folk spiritual issues. However, the truth behind the concept of burning astral is what you already know. This article, Kênh Văn Hay will help you discover what the real meaning of burning astral is? How to burn a black prize, sales, gambling, for babies, for yourself Male/Female.

What is stinging?

Burning astral is considered an action to relieve bad luck for yourself. Burning astral is when you light a fire to heat around the place where you are standing (maybe the space is just enough for you to think that you are haunted, have bad luck).

When burning astral, you will have the act of chasing or reading a few verses, vows.

Currently, the word burning astral no longer means simply the act of burning astral. It is also a word commonly used for actions to express and ward off bad luck and bad luck.

In addition, the astral is understood as a form of spirit that exists after death of a person. The astral part of a person will last for a fairly short time, it will gradually disappear.

In the Buddhist concept, the astral is the phenomenon of the “bardo body”.

According to the spiritual life, in the beliefs of the Vietnamese people, they believe in the appearance of the astral soul. The common concept that has been passed down by folk from ancient times to now is three souls and seven souls. This is a man’s astral soul.

As for women, there are three souls and nine astral bodies.

Meanwhile, there are also different classifications of astral beings. Astral is classified mainly into good astral and bad astral. Not all astral beings are burned and bring bad luck.

It is known that the good astral is the one that brings good and can protect you; and evil astral is poisonous, can bring bad luck or bad luck.

Because there is a distinction between good astral and bad astral, when people have the feeling that they are unlucky and have bad luck, they will often think of the act of burning the astral.

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How do you burn your ass?

In the long run, the concept of burning the astral is gradually eating into the minds of Vietnamese people in particular and Eastern people in general. This is one of the life experiences and beliefs passed down from time immemorial.

So how to burn the black astral solution correctly? In each case, the circumstances will have appropriate astral burning methods.

Therefore, to burn the black astral in the most correct way, you can refer to the following ways to burn the astral:

How to burn a black gambling prize

When you have bad luck, everything you do is haunted by bad luck, even gambling.

Here are the ways to burn the latest black gambling prize now you can pocket. Maybe luck will come to you right away!

Method 1: Burn the black gambling prize by paying homage to the ancestors

When you gamble, you constantly have bad luck and lose many games in a row. This makes you skeptical, thinking that you are having bad luck.

To burn the black gambling prize at this time, you can sincerely pray at the altar of the ancestors. Hope your ancestors will bless you to help you remove the bad luck that is following you.

Not only burning incense, you can also prepare more flowers, fruits, cakes, etc. to show your sincerity to your superiors.

However, if the burning of this black gambling prize fails, you need to be more careful in gambling! Because sometimes it doesn’t work for you, avoid losing money.

Method 2: Burn the black gambling solution with salt

Salt is not merely a familiar spice, but it also has beneficial effects in spirituality. If you are looking for the easiest way to burn your bad luck, you can use salt.

There are many ways to help you solve black gambling with salt such as:

  • Sprinkle salt in front of the house, around the bedroom to scare away evil spirits.
  • Throw a handful of salt over your left shoulder to banish gambling bad luck.
  • Carry a small handful of salt when playing gambling.

Salt is believed to have the ability to ward off evil and especially to dissolve bad energy. Therefore, the ways to burn the black gambling solution with salt will be a popular way to burn the black astral solution that many people apply.

How do you burn your ass?  How to burn a black solution

Method 3: Burn the black gambling prize by eating duck eggs

Many people will be surprised with this way of burning the gambling fortune. However, according to the concept from time immemorial, eating duck eggs will help you prevent bad energy, bad luck is around you.

When you find yourself having bad luck in gambling you can try eating 1, 3 or 5 duck eggs.

Note a small tip is that when you finish eating, the leftover eggshell you have to crush or crush with your hands. That way, you can dispel the bad luck that is clinging to you.

Method 4: Burning wind dragons to win black gambling

The act of burning wind dragons is quite familiar. With this method, you just need to prepare the paper and burn it. When the fire burns on the paper, you hold the burning paper and move it around your house.

This action helps the smoke spread throughout the house, it will overwhelm the evil astral. Note that when doing this, you need to open all the doors in the house so that the bad luck can go out.

How to burn your wallet

Selling is very important spiritual matters. Because if they think that there is a bad spirit or bad luck, it will bring bad luck, causing business to be sluggish.

So is there any black solution to sell any goods effectively for merchants? Do you need to apply for a sales post?

Method 1: Solve black sales with salt

As mentioned above, solving black sales with salt is quite easy. If you feel that the business has slowed down, you can sprinkle some salt around the store where you do business.

Do not forget to pay attention to sprinkle more salt in the front yard area, in front of the store to ward off bad luck that is blocking the way.

If you are a business person and know you have a bad ass. If you are worried about the evil spirit clinging to you, take a handful of salt in your hand, then throw it over your left shoulder.

Method 2: Burning sales with incense smoke

As a seller, you often burn incense on the 1st and 15th day of the lunar calendar. However, you can also burn incense more than that. Maybe every day you light an incense stick.

The spread of incense smoke will help drive away evil spirits. This is the most common usage in the trading world.

How to burn your wallet

Method 3: Black prize for selling goods to merchants with God of fortune

God of Wealth is a god worshiped to ask for fortune in trade and business. In fact, the meaning of the God of Wealth also brings a lot of luck and fortune.

The fact that you worship the God of Wealth in a thoughtful way will help bring smoothness and luck to you. This is the luck that the God of Wealth has for you, it will overwhelm the bad luck that exists somewhere.

Method 4: Solve black sales with feng shui items

The feng shui factor in business is quite focused. It is like a “mascot” that helps the owner to attract luck and fortune to him.

You can refer to the lucky feng shui items to support you, help you trade smoothly.

Suggestions on how to choose the color of feng shui items according to destiny to bring luck:

  • Color of feng shui items: Destiny Kim
  • Silver, white, light yellow, dark yellow, earthy brown: Destiny
  • Blue, black, green, wood color: Destiny Fire
  • Red, pink, orange: Menh Thuy
  • Blue, black, silver, white, light yellow: Destiny Red, pink, purple, brown, yellow

Method 5: Burn sales effectively by burning incense

According to folklore from the past to the present, frankincense has a very good effect in home cleaning or disinfection. It helps to ward off evil spirits quite effectively.

You can buy frankincense, note that it must be real agarwood. In the space in the office, shop, shop, etc., you can burn incense smoke to spread the scent throughout the space.

With incense spreading throughout the room, it will overwhelm the bad luck and bring you good luck. It contributes to support your work and business activities to be more advanced.

Method 6: Burn the black wallet to sell paper goods

The easiest way to burn your ass to get rid of bad luck in the fastest shop is to use burning paper. You just need to burn a small piece of paper in front of the store. When you finish burning, you can throw it hard on the ground.

If you are a man, jump over the burning piece of paper 7 times (males have 7 souls), if you are female, jump over the piece of paper 9 times (women have 9 souls).

Along with that, you can read the vow to burn the astral that is easy to remember: “Burning the astral burns the luck, the good one stays, the bad one goes”.

How to burn ass for babies

You are worried because your baby suddenly cries abnormally, is sick or has unusual pain, etc. At these times, grandparents often suggest that you burn the infant’s astral body to pray for the baby’s peace.

Here is a summary of the simplest and safest ways to burn your baby’s ass:

Hang garlic in front of the door: Garlic is a spice that scares the devil. When hanging garlic in front of the door or window will help the baby not to be fussy.

Put the cutlery under the bed

This is not only a way to burn the astral for children but adults can also apply. Putting knives or scissors at the head of the bed will overwhelm the gloomy things that are bothering many babies, helping them to be less fussy.

Hanging strawberries at the door

You can use fresh mulberry branches or chrysanthemums (compassionate trees) in front of the bedroom door, window, etc. to avoid bad luck.

Burning locusts

You can burn the locust and take that smoke to steam the room, dispel the gloomy things in the room. Note when steaming locusts, you must carry your baby outside to avoid the smoke affecting your baby’s health.

Burning paper drives away the astral

This is a simple way to burn ass for babies. You can burn a small piece of paper around the room, you can pass it around to a young person. And do not forget the sentence that burns the astral for babies or the prayer to burn the astral for babies is “Three souls and seven souls, seven souls, three souls, the good ones stay, the bad ones go”.

With Chopsticks

How to burn a newborn baby’s ass with chopsticks is very easy. You can break the chopsticks into 9s or 7s and burn them.

How to burn ass for babies

How to burn a black wallet for yourself

Having a lot of bad luck affects your psyche clearly. Are you looking for ways to burn the black astral for yourself, how to burn the black astral for women or how to burn the black astral for men.

There are many ways to burn your black astral body. It not only helps you ward off bad luck but also contributes to bringing good luck and fortune to you.

Summary of all the simple ways to burn black for women and men that anyone can apply:

  • How to burn the black ass with salt (can be sprinkled with salt or smoked with salt).
  • How to burn the black astral solution with wormwood.
  • How to burn a black astral solution for yourself by burning incense.
  • How to burn the astral, steam the house with Chinese medicine
  • How to solve bad luck by sincerely worshiping ancestors.
  • How to solve bad luck with dog meat (in case you are someone who does not like this can be ignored).
  • How to burn your ass to solve your bad luck with duck eggs.
  • How to solve bad luck with the bagua mirror hanging in front of the house.

How to burn a black wallet for yourself

Questions related to burning ass

What’s wrong with people being burned?

It’s not natural that you’re the one being burned. Maybe others see that you are surrounded by a heavy, unhealthy astral part. Therefore, the person who is burned astral can burn the black astral for himself or be assisted by others to burn the astral.

This will help you avoid bringing bad luck to those around you or strangers. When you burn your astral body or burn your astral body, you will help yourself reduce the heavy astral part of your body.

Thanks to that, you also avoid unfortunate things to yourself.

What's wrong with people who have been burned?

Can pregnant women burn their ass?

There is no official information on whether or not pregnant women can be burned. Depending on the point of view of each person, believe it or not, it is possible to burn ass for pregnant women or not.

However, the body is pregnant, the woman’s psyche is quite sensitive at this time, so avoid talking about unfortunate issues. This affects the psyche of pregnant women.

Besides, if you are pregnant and burning astral, you should implement and choose safe astral burning methods to avoid affecting the health of pregnant women and fetuses.

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Through the above content, surely you have understood what the meaning of burning the astral is and how to burn the black astral correctly, right? If you are facing problems, you can immediately refer to the ways to burn your bad luck above! Wish you always have good luck in life.

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