Top 40 Kể một câu chuyện mà em đã học theo trình tự thời gian – Tập làm văn lớp 4

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Top 40 Kể một câu chuyện mà em đã học theo trình tự thời gian – Tập làm văn lớp 4
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The essay Telling a story that you have learned in chronological order includes a detailed story outline and over 40 short, best sample narrative essays compiled and selected from the best essays of the 4th grader. Hopefully with 50+ stories telling a story that I have learned in this chronological order, you will love it and write better.


Topic: Tell a story you have learned (through reading, story telling, writing exercises), in which the events are arranged in chronological order.

Outline Tell a story you learned chronologically

Outline – sample 1

1. Opening lesson

– Introduce the story you are about to describe.

– Lead to the topic

2. Body

– Retell the beginning of the story according to your own narration.

– Retell the story.

– Tell the ending of the story

3. Conclusion

– My feelings about that story.

– Lessons learned after reading this story.

Tell a story you learned in chronological order – sample 1

In a certain area, there was a very clever Rooster and a cunning and cunning Fox.

Once, meeting a Rooster standing on a branch, the Fox planned to catch the Rooster to eat meat. The fox said to the Rooster:

– Hello, dear friend, please come down here to let me announce this good news: the animals in this forest from now on will be friends. We don’t hunt each other. This past is a great happiness. I would like to kiss you to express my love and happiness!

The Rooster knows: “The Fox Man is only fooling himself to grab and chew. The Fox Man concealed his malice with a polite rebuttal. I have to let the Fox drop this false mask!” Thinking that, the Rooster replied slowly:

Thank you for your hard work in announcing the good news. Chicken and Fox living together is an unprecedented thing in the world. This good news is truly awe-inspiring. Behold, at the top of this tall tree, I see a pair of hounds running over here, presumably to spread the news.

Hearing the hound, the fox spirit lost his way, grabbed his tail, and disappeared into the deep forest.

The Rooster laughs happily:

– It’s clear that your family lied to us and fell for us. Fox, you can’t do anything with your cunning and cunning because no one dares to listen to the sweet words of a cunning person like you.


Tell a story you learned chronologically – sample 2

In the past, in Nam Mau commune, Bac Kan province, our country had a festival to worship Buddha. Everyone in the village eagerly attended the ceremony, everyone reverently offered incense and fruit to pray for blessings.

That day, at the party, suddenly there was an old woman begging from nowhere. The old woman was thin, sore, wearing a tattered shirt. Her body stinks, her eyes are cloudy. The old woman leaned on her cane and said, “I’m so hungry, please give me a bowl of porridge.” Wherever the old beggar dragged her feet, people chased her there. Fortunately, at a fork in the road, the old beggar met the widow and her mother, who had finished planting the fields and were preparing to go home. Feeling sorry for the old woman’s plight, the widow’s mother and son took the old woman home and yielded to them. After dinner, the widow and mother and daughter were about to go to bed when the old beggar knocked on the door and asked to sleep. The house had only one mat, so the widow’s mother and daughter slept in the house. let the old woman lie down on the bamboo cot in front of the house.In the middle of the night, calculating sleep, the widow saw a bright front porch, surprised, she came out to see.The widow was devastated when she saw on the bamboo cot was a Giao. The big dragon was sleeping, his head was resting on the beam, his tail was spread on a bamboo cot, hanging down to the ground. The widow was too afraid to enter the house and lie down waiting for morning. It was dawn, the widow got out of bed, she did not see Giao Long’s son. On a bamboo cot, an old beggar sat there meekly h as if nothing strange happened last night. The old beggar woman called the widow and said, “They worship Buddha, but in fact they only trade Buddha. They must be punished. Only her mother and daughter know how to love the poor and sick. Loving her gentle mother and daughter, I gave her this packet of ashes to sprinkle around the house. Let’s store grain food in case a big flood occurs.” The widow hesitated, “And if you have something to do, how can you help?” The old beggar woman reached into her pocket and took out two pieces of rice husk and gave it to the widow: “Praise her for her good heart. These two pieces of rice husk will help the mother and daughter save lives!” After saying that, the old woman disappeared. That night, the Buddha festival was crowded with more and more people. The yard shot up with a fountain. The jet of water was getting stronger and stronger. Thinking it was a miracle of God and Buddha, people fell to their knees to pray. The water jet was getting stronger and stronger, the water was flowing smoothly, flooding everywhere. The water swelled up and caused the ground to collapse, violent floods swept everything away. That night, the heavy rain and wind broke the forest trees, the landslide rumbled, the water covered the land. The widow’s mother and daughter rose up there. Heartbroken at the sight of people and things being swept away, the mother and daughter brought out two pieces of rice husk. As soon as they were dropped into the water, the two husks immediately turned into two boats. rowing boats to rescue the victims.

The landslide caused by the god Giao Long to punish the people became a large lake today, which is Ba Be Lake. And the widow’s house is a high mound in the middle of the lake, the mound is named Go Ba Widow.

Tell a story you learned chronologically – sample 3

I read a lot of stories. Some things I still vaguely remember, some things I have completely forgotten. But there is one thing that is still etched in my mind that I can’t forget. Among them is the story “Paper Cranes”.

The story goes that: In July 1945, the whole United States rejoiced when the army successfully built an atomic bomb. Having a powerful weapon in hand, the US government has planned and planned to go to war. Then just over half a month later, the US government also came to the decision to drop both newly-made bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagadaki in order to make the world feel better. fear of this weapon of mass destruction. The two bombs massacred and claimed the lives of nearly half a million people. Six years later, Japan had hundreds of thousands more people died from atomic radiation. When the US bombed, there was a two-year-old baby who was lucky to escape. My name is Zacko Sasaki. Unfortunately, 10 years later she became seriously ill due to radiation exposure. Lying in the hospital, I mentally counted the remaining days of my life. Still, I’m optimistic, naively believing in a legend. The legend says that if a sick person folds a thousand paper cranes that hang around the room, that person will be cured. I quietly folded the crane. Knowing the story, children all over Japan and around the world rushed to send thousands of paper cranes to Sadako. But Sadako died, when she was only 644 folded.

After Sazako died, students in Hiroshima city raised money to build a monument to the victims of the atomic bomb. At the top of the 9-meter-high platform is a picture of a girl raising her hands to lift a crane. Under the monument is engraved the words: “We want this world to be at peace forever”.

The story ends, but the sad image of baby Sadako makes me think forever. I hope the war will be over so that every child in the world can live in peace.



Tell a story you learned chronologically – sample 4

Once upon a time, in a certain village, there were parents and children living together. The son named To Van is about ten years old, and the daughter named To Thi is about eight years old. Every day, the mother hunts for crabs to catch snails to raise her children. Family life is also peaceful.

A story happened that changed the lives of two brothers To Thi and To Van. One day, two brothers were playing together, when To Van threw a stone and unfortunately hit his sister’s head. To Thi fell to the ground, blood gushing out. The brother was so scared, he ran away and did not return. Mother and daughter To Thi were looking forward to To Van but were nowhere to be found. The mother missed her child, soon fell ill and died. Little To Thi lived alone, but fortunately was fed by people for a few days, then the owner of a rice restaurant brought home and followed them to Lang Son.

Time passes swiftly. To Thi grew up and became a beautiful young woman. She asked the owner of the rice shop to let her run her own business. Thanks to his hard work and ingenuity, To Thi’s spring rolls shop is famous and known by many people. There were also many questions about her job, but To Thi did not like any of them. Finally, she met a drug dealer from Cao Bang and the two fell in love with each other. After being married for a year, To Thi became pregnant and gave birth to a daughter. Their love is more and more passionate.

Once, when To Thi washed her hair, revealing a very large scar. To Van saw it and asked about it. She honestly recounted how her brother threw a stone in the head in the past. As the story became clearer, To Van became more and more heartbroken because he was that brother. Looking at his innocent sister, To Van was even more awkward. He couldn’t let me know about this incest. Then finally, To Van quietly left, without saying goodbye. To Thi longs for her husband, in the afternoon carries her children to Tam Thanh pagoda towards the distant horizon. Waited a long time without seeing her husband back. After so many years, the woman To Thi holding her child has turned herself into a…

That touching story is still handed down by our folk as a pure example of marital love.

Tell a story you learned chronologically – sample 5

Once upon a time, the kingdom of Dagestan was ruled by a king known for his tyranny. People’s lives are miserable; so much so that there is a song condemning his brutality that everyone from young to old knows and sings with rapture.

One day, the song reached the king’s ears. Immediately, he ordered to find the author of the song. Searching forever and still could not find, the king ordered to arrest all the poets and buskers.

Three days later, the king sent them to the palace and asked each of them to sing their own song. The lyrics and music were played in turn with the content praising the king’s wisdom, kind heart and power. In particular, only three poets did not sing. The king ordered the three to be imprisoned in the dungeon and released all the others.

Three months later, all three poets were presented to the king. One of the three poets praised the king and was released immediately. The other two were taken to the pyre to be executed. One of the men on the pyre suddenly sang a song of praise to the king and was released immediately.

The third poet remained silent. That silence made the king unable to control his anger and ordered a fire. As soon as the fire rose, the poet sang. The song exposes the cruel and deceitful face of the king. The brave singing resounded with honest, frank lyrics that did not succumb to the brutal fire that shook the whole palace. The king immediately shouted to the soldiers to untie the poet and immediately extinguished the fire.

Finally, the king found a true poet of the country.


Tell a story you learned chronologically – sample 6

There was a boy named Andreyka, who was nine years old and lived with his mother and grandfather. His grandfather was 96 years old, so his health was very weak.

One afternoon his mother said to Andreyka’s mother, “I’m having a hard time breathing!” His mother told him to hurry up and buy medicine for him. Along the way, he met some friends who invited him to play football, he immediately joined the game. After playing for a while, suddenly remembering his mother’s words, he rushed to buy medicine to bring home.

As soon as he entered his room, he heard his mother sobbing, and he panicked. Your grandfather passed away. He thought: “Perhaps I was too busy playing football, taking medicine late, but he passed away.” He regretted it so much, burst into tears and told his mother everything. His mother comforted him, “I’m not at fault in this. No one can save him. I just left the house when he passed away.” Despite the fact that this is so, Andrayka does not think so. All that night, he could not sleep. He sat down and sobbed under the apple tree he planted.

Tell a story you learned chronologically – sample 7

Andrew lives with his mother and grandfather. My grandfather is old and very weak.

One afternoon he was in severe pain. Mother told Andreyka to go buy medicine, she hurried away. But along the road Andrayka met friends playing football. He is eager to join you. After a long time, Andrew suddenly remembered his mother’s words. He rushed to buy medicine and then ran home. Arriving home, Andrew found his mother sobbing. It turned out that Andreyka’s grandfather had passed away.

From then on, although his mother made it very clear that he was not at fault for his grandfather’s death because he died as soon as he left the house, Andrew always tormented himself because he was too busy playing in the afternoon. that day.

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