Tả món quà có ý nghĩa với em (5 mẫu)

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Tả món quà có ý nghĩa với em (5 mẫu)
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Topic: Describe a gift that is meaningful to you (5 samples)

Describe a gift that is meaningful to you (sample 1)


Over the years, I have received many gifts from people. Each gift is associated with special memories. My favorite is the toy camera my mother gave me on my three-year-old birthday.

Different from the usual square or rectangular camera, my mini camera has the shape of a round, golden sunflower, the size of an adult palm. The camera is made of plastic. Its edges curl like petals arranged one after another. The front of the camera attaches a transparent plastic lens. Through this lens, the person holding the camera can see the face of the person being photographed. The front surface also has a picture of a princess wearing a pink dress with sparkling flowers. The back of the camera has a place to change the battery and a button to fasten the strap. At the top, a small pea-sized button is attached. Every time I press it, the funny sounds sound like a picture taken. It is thanks to these sounds that when I was a child, I loved to play. After having a sister, we often play photo games for each other. One person makes many different poses for the other to press. Thanks to playing this game, my family discovered that my sister is very talented in posing for photos.


I really like this toy camera. Until now, I still keep it very carefully. Although it can’t save real pictures, it has saved many memories of the two sisters.

Describe a gift that is meaningful to you (sample 2)

At the beginning of the fourth grade, Uncle Hung stopped by my house to play and gave me a pen box. Uncle said: “I bought it for you so that you can use it because you’re in high school.”.

I happily thanked him and opened the wrapping paper. The rectangular pen case, made of good blue plastic, is more than an inch long, seven centimeters wide, and two centimeters thick. The outer shell of the box is printed with a beautiful light purple doll, which stands out against the blue background of the box. The pen box can be opened and closed thanks to a white steel bar in the lid of the box and two magnets in the bar of the box. When the lid is opened, the lid of the box reveals a small layer connected to the bottom of the box. This small floor can hold pencils, notebooks, erasers… The bottom of the box has a flexible plastic pen holder and a small box for a pencil sharpener. She wipes her pen clean and then puts all her school supplies in the pen case carefully. Looking at the pen box, I was very pleased and told myself that from now on, I am not going to write in my briefcase anymore.

With a pen box, I get my school supplies faster, and the maintenance of the pen is much better. Every time I finish studying, I wipe the pencil case with a soft cloth and put it in the bag gently and neatly. I take care of the pen box carefully so that it does not fray, scratch the glossy plastic outside. Like a brave bodyguard, the pencil case protects her school tools, durable and beautiful. Every class, I like to hear the pencil box whisper: “Go ahead, little student. We will help you step into your future career.”.

Uncle Hung’s gift is practical and useful. The pen box also keeps my library card from being bent or wrinkled. Every time I open the pen box to use it, I remember Uncle Hung. I try to study well to make my parents happy and repay Uncle Hung’s concern for me.

Describe a gift that is meaningful to you (sample 3)

I still remember when I was in third grade, in the closing ceremony of awarding students with excellent team activities, I received a picture of Uncle Ho wearing a scarf for a team member. It is a gift that means a lot to me.

The picture was not very large, about forty centimeters long, about thirty centimeters wide. The photo frame is made of light yellow painted wood. Trembling with the photograph in my hand, I could smell the scent of new wood and varnish. The face of the photo frame is a transparent, very thick mirror. Behind the picture frame is a piece of wood cut to fit the frame. The four rear corners are four screws to adjust the mirror and wood pieces to fit together.

The most important is the photo in the frame. It was a picture of Uncle Ho wearing a scarf for a child. Uncle wore simple, familiar white khaki clothes. His hair turned white. Uncle is looking at the little friend with eyes full of pride and love. A friendly smile bloomed on his lips. The child in the photo is wearing a white shirt and skirt uniform. Two braids neatly braided on both sides.

The scarf Uncle is wearing on your shoulder makes the picture meaningful. At the bottom of the photo frame stands out the red text: “Ho Chi Minh Pioneer Youth Team”. The day I received that gift, I was extremely touched. I have solemnly hung it in my study corner. The picture is small and simple but stands out on the wall. Next to the picture are certificates of merit and other souvenirs from the years I joined the team. Every time I look at the picture, I feel like Uncle is smiling warmly at me, I feel more motivated to study and strive.

The picture I was given didn’t have many pictures, no natural scenes or funny pictures that children like us like and often collect. It’s just an ordinary picture. Simple but it is a meaningful gift, not only for me but also for everyone who has experienced childhood and adolescence.

Describe a gift that means something to you (sample 4)

At home, my favorite is the pretty desk clock. It was a gift from my mother for my birthday. (Image for illustration purposes only) The clock is half the size of a textbook. It is made of plastic and is painted pink. It’s very shiny when I touch it. The surface of the watch has a transparent plastic layer so you can see the time easily. The whole clock is painted pink. At the top, there are two rabbit ears with the word “BaBy” in bright yellow. In the watch face, there is a picture of a doraemon cat that is very funny and lovely. Numbers 1 through 12 are colored in beautiful colors. The hand shows the hours, the minutes in crimson red, working hard to help me see the time and not be late for school. My watch is not only an alarm, but also a very cute desk decoration. The friends who come to my house all say: “You have a nice watch!” The watch is my favorite item. It has been my companion for a long time. Even though my mother bought me many new toys, I still love them. I’ve been wanting it for a long time, now I have it so I’ll take good care of it.

Every birthday, I get a lot of beautiful gifts from everyone: watches, books, stories, dolls… But among them, I My favorite is the teddy bear that my dad bought me for my 9th birthday.

That teddy bear is half the size of me, has a very cute white color. The fur is soft and very comfortable to the touch. I love using a special comb to brush her hair every day. That bear is big but it’s very light because it’s made of cotton and fabric. The round head has two small ears that are slightly raised as if trying to hear something. His eyes are black, but every time I look at them, I feel like he is very happy and cheerful.

The little red triangular nose, made of plastic, looks very cute. The mouth is a black thread that is sewn very skillfully and meticulously, it looks like he is smiling. The body is twice as big as the head. At the neck of the teddy bear is a very prominent pink bow. The round belly is very smooth and soft. I love to lay my head on his belly when I watch TV or listen to my dad tell stories. Two arms outstretched as if wanting someone to hug, the round, upright legs are soft. I named it Bong, I always hug it at home: when I watch TV, when I go to sleep, when I play with toys… Because it is a very special gift from my father for me.

I still remember when I was in 4th grade, when my birthday was near, my father was still away on a business trip. When I heard that my mother said that my father might not be back in time, I was very sad, and did not want to go to my birthday anymore. Every day, I was alone in my room, not as excited as in previous years with my mother and brother, choosing ice cream cakes, making beautiful small cards to invite friends to come. No matter how my mother and my brother advised me, I couldn’t be happy.

Very soon the birthday came. That day, the house was decorated beautifully with colorful balls, a two-tiered cake with lots of sweets and drinks prepared by mother and brother. Friends came in large numbers as usual with carefully wrapped gifts. But I still can’t put on a smile. I hated my dad at that time, because he missed my birthday again. I am no longer excited to play games with my friends or enjoy delicious food.

When the happy birthday song ends, as usual, I will cut the cake for everyone. At that moment, for some reason, it suddenly started to rain. When I was sitting in the house, I heard the door open, then my father entered the house and his whole body was soaked with water. I was surprised when my father showed up. And right after that, Dad walked up to me, whispered happy birthday and gave me a teddy bear lying in a transparent glass bag that was still wet. I hugged it and burst into tears of joy and emotion. It turned out that my father rushed home in time for my birthday, regardless of the rain, quickly went home.

I love my dad and that teddy bear so much. That meaningful gift I will always take care of so that it remains as new as ever.

Describe a gift that is meaningful to you (sample 5)

The memory of the school bag in which I carry my school books will forever be in my mind. It’s been a year, but every time I think about it, I still feel strangely nauseous and restless. At that time, I was still using Hai’s bag when she was in elementary school. The briefcase is still in good use, only some seams cracked in the compartments and the mouth of the briefcase. Books and school supplies are often mixed together because there is only one compartment left. But that’s not why I’m sad. On the contrary, I really appreciate and love the briefcase because it is a keepsake of my sisters. Ms. Hai is now a first-year student of the Faculty of Business Administration. I want to cherish that keepsake with me as I secretly promised Hai to follow her example. That’s why I didn’t ask my dad to buy me a new pair. But then on a session at the end of the second semester of third grade, after school, it was raining heavily, books and school supplies that day were quite heavy, all packed in bags, so when the rain water penetrated, the road was covered. The stitching on the bottom of the pair has come off. And so how many books and school supplies fell on the road. I picked up books and school supplies, packed them together in a plastic sheet, and ran home. Seeing that she was holding a stack of books in her arms, without a briefcase on her shoulder, her father asked: “Why don’t you put them in the bag?”. I just took off the strap and said to my father: “The pair is broken, Dad!”. Dad looked at me, at the bottom of the bag, then turned to me lovingly and said, “Don’t bother listening to me! I’m too busy with work to pay attention to your bag. My mother went to school far away, probably did not know about this, sympathize with my parents. This afternoon, my father took me to the town market to buy another one. So I had to say goodbye to the briefcase and put it on the bookshelf as if keeping a keepsake of my sister. The briefcase she has in her hands now is a gorgeous one! It’s probably the most beautiful in the class, the second in the class, because it is both new and good, the pair looks very pretty and is very convenient. The material of the briefcase is sewn with green synthetic nylon fabric. The length is about thirty centimeters, the width is about twenty-five centimeters. The top has a carry handle. Behind there are two straps made of large umbrellas, both firm and comfortable. The front of the pair has two polished nickel-plated padlocks. Just lightly press the two small buttons up like two chopsticks. The hook pops out so you can open the bag quickly and conveniently. Inside the briefcase lid is a zipper line that forms a closed door with three briefcase compartments. The briefcase lid is made of a thin piece of mica and is decorated with a photo of Captain Sinbad from the movie “The Adventures of Sinbad” which adds to the beauty of the briefcase. The briefcase has three compartments. The middle compartment is wider, I use it to put all my books in the class. The other two compartments are used for school supplies and a rain cloth. It’s convenient. It’s been almost a year and the briefcase is still the same as it was bought last week. When I come home from school, I always use a thin cloth to wipe off dust or rain before I put it in my study corner. The briefcase has become my best friend ever since. And now, every day, the bag goes with me to school, and then returns home with me in joy because of the ten points I got.

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