Sơ đồ tư duy Tinh thần yêu nước của nhân dân ta dễ nhớ, hay nhất

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Sơ đồ tư duy Tinh thần yêu nước của nhân dân ta dễ nhớ, hay nhất
Bạn đang xem: Sơ đồ tư duy Tinh thần yêu nước của nhân dân ta dễ nhớ, hay nhất tại Kênh Văn Hay

In order to help students easily systematize knowledge and content of works in the program of Literature 7, we compile the article Mind map The patriotic spirit of our people is easy to remember and best. with full content such as general understanding of the work, author, layout, analytical outline, sample essay analysis, …. Hope through Mind Map The patriotism of our people will help students understand the basic content of the patriotic spirit of our people.

Lecture: The patriotic spirit of our people – Ms. Truong San ( teacher)

A. Mind map The patriotic spirit of our people

B. Learn the patriotic spirit of our people

I. Author

– Ho Chi Minh (1890-1969), born in Kim Lien commune, Nam Dan district, Nghe An province

– He is the great leader of the Vietnamese nation and revolution, who led our people to fight and win national independence and build socialism.

– Ho Chi Minh is a great national poet and a world cultural celebrity

– Composition career: Ho Chi Minh composed many genres, leaving a large volume of works:

+ Essays: Judgment of French colonialism, Declaration of Independence, Call for national resistance…

+ Stories, autographs: Vi acts, Good jokes are Varen and Phan Boi Chau

+ Poetry: Diary in prison,…

II. General study of works

1. Genre: Dissertation

2. Origin

– The article is excerpted in the Political Report of President Ho Chi Minh at the 2nd Congress, February 1951 of the Vietnam Workers’ Party (name from 1951 to 1976 of the current Communist Party of Vietnam). .

– The title of the article is set by the author of the book.

3. Layout

– Part 1 (from the beginning to the “soldiers and robbers”): General comments on patriotism

– Part 2 (followed by “patriotic passion”): Proving our people’s patriotism

– Part 3 (remaining): Everyone’s mission

4. Content Value

With specific, rich and convincing examples in the nation’s history and the resistance war against the French colonialists, the article has clarified a truth: “Our people have a passionate patriotic spirit. . It’s one of our precious traditions”.

5. Artistic value

– The layout is tight, the thesis is concise, clear, and coherent

– Evidence is selected, presented reasonably and persuasively

– Clear expression, many unique comparison images

III. Outline the analysis

1. General comments on patriotism

– Our people have an ardent patriotic hearts

+ Use affirmative sentence style, direct problem, strong and decisive tone, sexy words, rich in images

⇒ Strongly affirm the precious patriotic spirit of our nation.

– From the past to the present, every time the country is invaded, that spirit is vibrant, it forms an extremely powerful and huge wave, it passes through all dangers and difficulties, it engulfs all both water sellers and water robbers

+ Long sentences, many clauses, duplicate messages; metaphor: wave – the power of patriotism; Verb conjugation, glide, drown

⇒ Describes the immense and endless power of patriotism in the fight against foreign aggression.

2. Expressions of patriotism

– In history, there have been many great resistance wars demonstrating the patriotic spirit of our people: Ba Trung, Ba Trieu, Tran Hung Dao, Le Loi, Quang Trung, etc.

⇒ Typical examples, listed in chronological order.

– Today’s patriotism of our people:

+ From the old gray-haired old man to the children and children… everyone is passionately patriotic and hates the enemy

+ Soldiers in the front had to go hungry for a few days to stay close to the enemy to destroy the enemy

+ Civil servants in the rear fasted to support the army

+ Women who advised their husbands to join the army, but they volunteered to help with transportation

+ Mothers who love the army like their own children

+ Men and women farmers and workers are eager to increase production

The compatriots who owned the land donated the fields to the Government…

– How to cite evidence according to: Age, space, task, job, specific, vivid, comprehensive, and persuasive.

– Art: Repeating grammatical structures with pairs of relations from… to….; listed.

⇒ Clarifying the patriotism of our people in the past, in the present, bravely and vibrantly expressed vividly in all times, classes, classes, and all subjects.

3. Everyone’s Mission

– Art: Comparative rich images (patriotism as treasures are displayed or hidden)

Patriotism has two forms of existence:

Visible (on display)

+ May not be visible (hidden)

⇒ Helps readers to visualize very clearly the two states of patriotism: latent and hidden and clearly and fully expressed. Both are precious.

⇒ Need to show patriotism by concrete actions

IV. Analysis

We all know: Discourse is written in order to establish a certain thought and point of view for the reader or listener. To do so, the argumentative essay must have clear arguments, arguments, and convincing evidence. The ideas and views in the essay must be aimed at solving real life problems to be meaningful and effective. In the treasure of Vietnamese essays, the article The patriotic spirit of our people (Ho Chi Minh) has been evaluated as one of the most typical and exemplary argumentative essays. That text has clarified a truth: The Vietnamese people are passionately patriotic.

The article The patriotic spirit of our people (title given by the editor) is an excerpt from the Political Report presented by President Ho Chi Minh at the Second Congress of the Vietnam Workers’ Party (titled). from 1951 to 1975 of the Communist Party of Vietnam today) in Viet Bac in February 1951, during the resistance war against the French colonialists. Although it is an excerpt, the text is still quite complete with the necessary elements of a proof argument. Through this excerpt, the author affirms that patriotism is a precious tradition of the Vietnamese nation. That patriotism was shown most clearly and brilliantly in the battles against foreign aggression. The excerpt also reflects the author’s respectful and proud attitude towards that tradition.

Right at the opening, Ho Chi Minh – in the position of President – on behalf of the entire Party and people affirmed a truth: “Our people have a passionate patriotism. It’s one of our precious traditions”. The text is brief, both reflecting history and recognizing, evaluating and feeling about the history and morality of the nation. The thesis statement is also short, simple, and highly persuasive. Followed by, User a surprise comparison. When the Fatherland was invaded, the patriotism of our people “formed into an extremely powerful and huge wave, it swept through all dangers and difficulties, it engulfed all the countrymen and bandits.” water”. Strong, prolonged flow with strong adjectives, large verbs conjugate, skim, submerge, describe the image and destructive power of a wave. Discourse writing is easy to dry, but Uncle’s writing is not dry. Using the image of the wave to explain the great effect of patriotism, the writer both praised a precious tradition of the nation and discovered an important cause to help our nation win against foreign invaders and stimulate thinking and inquiry of readers and listeners.

To affirm the great power of patriotism, the author has borrowed a monumental symbolic image for comparison: patriotism forms an extremely powerful and huge wave, it sweeps through all areas of the world. the danger, the difficulty, it engulfed all the watermen and the water robbers. Patriotism is repeated many times (with pronouns replacing it), combined with verbs with great evocative ability such as: concluding, gliding over, engulfing… highlighting the unstoppable power of patriotism. The heroic sound of the sentence touched the hearts of many people. The excitement, enthusiasm, admiration and pride of President Ho Chi Minh are evident in every sentence and word.

In the body of the article, to prove the above statement, the author gave eloquent evidences in the history of national defense and in reality the resistance war against the French to prove it. Those are the shining patriotic examples of famous national heroes: In our history, there have been many great resistance wars, proving the patriotic spirit of our people. We have the right to be proud of the glorious historical pages of the eras of Ba Trung, Ba Trieu, Tran Hung Dao, Le Loi, Quang Trung, etc. We must remember the merits of the national heroes, because They are typical of a heroic nation. From there, the author expressed specific thoughts and feelings: “We have the right to be proud… We must remember… a heroic nation”. Obviously, Ho Chi Minh’s essays not only provide evidence to prove, but also express deep, expressive ideas, sincere and moving feelings. Those ideas and feelings are followed and developed in the actual examples in the next paragraph very naturally, gently and poignantly. The heroic national history carrying the patriotic tradition from thousands of years ago is followed by the flow of time, the source of national vitality is expressed by a natural and tight transition sentence: “Our compatriots today is also very worthy of our ancestors in the past.” In this second proof, the author Ho Chi Minh uses a compound sentence style according to the linking formula “from… to…”, not arbitrarily achieved, but closely and harmoniously combined with the enumerated evidence. , showing patriotic examples of our people during the resistance war at that time in terms of age, class, class, occupation, residence area, etc. For example: “From the gray-haired old people to children and grandchildren, from overseas compatriots to compatriots in temporarily occupied areas, from people from upland to lowland, everyone is passionately patriotic and hates the enemy.” In the evidence, the author has selected the deeds, actions and gestures of all genders, all classes, all localities and all circumstances in the entire people of our country. At the same time, the author also went from general comments to specific examples and from specific examples, recasting with a general comment: “Those noble gestures, though different in work, but they are all alike in their patriotic fervor.” The sentence model “from… to…” and the enumeration is inherently a writing style, the way of proof is not easy for novices to easily make mistakes in writing cumbersome sentences, monotonous, duplicate, and rambling references. However, through Ho Chi Minh’s talent, that type of sentence and enumeration is still natural, very vivid, both ensuring the comprehensiveness of the evidence and keeping the flow of the text clear and attractive, attracting readers. , listener. Through this passage of Uncle Ho, we learn many things about the argumentative style of writing.

Down to the end – ending the problem – the author uses arguments to deepen and emphasize the thesis. But the argument is not dry thanks to a very unique comparative image. Uncle Ho compared our people’s patriotism – an abstract concept – with a concrete image “Patriotism as well as precious things. Sometimes displayed in glass cabinets, in crystal vases, clearly visible. But sometimes it is hidden in a chest, in a chest…”. Through three short sentences, including these two vivid, figurative abbreviated sentences, readers and listeners can easily understand that our country’s patriotism is expressed in two states: latent, discreet and expressed clearly and directly. Uncle Ho clearly analyzed two states of patriotism: latent and secretive and vibrant and intense.

With the art of rigorous reasoning, clear layout and true evidence system, the essay has great persuasion. Many artistic tricks are used by the author such as comparing, listing, repeating sentence structure and a series of highly evocative verbs… to make the sentences rhythmic, balanced and healthy. Therefore, the eloquent tone of the poem is like the sound of a jovial call to encourage the whole people to unite with one heart to repel aggression and protect the sacred independence and sovereignty of the Fatherland.

The poem has fanned the fire of patriotism in the hearts of every citizen. The heroic and indomitable tradition is a solid basis to ensure the final victory of the resistance war against the French. Today, the above article is still hot and topical, encouraging the Vietnamese people to firmly step on the path of building and defending the beloved country.

V. Some comments on the work

Our country Vietnam has the right to enjoy freedom and independence, and in fact has become a free and independent country. The entire Vietnamese people are determined to use all their spirit and strength, life and wealth to maintain that freedom and independence.

(Ho Chi Minh, Declaration of Independence)

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