[Năm 2021] Kể lại nội dung bài thơ Đêm nay Bác không ngủ xem nhiều nhất

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[Năm 2021] Kể lại nội dung bài thơ Đêm nay Bác không ngủ xem nhiều nhất
Bạn đang xem: [Năm 2021] Kể lại nội dung bài thơ Đêm nay Bác không ngủ xem nhiều nhất tại Kênh Văn Hay

The essay Retelling the content of the poem Uncle didn’t sleep tonight includes a detailed analytical outline and 4 best and concise sample analysis essays, which are synthesized and selected from good essays with high scores of students in the class. 7. Hopefully with 4 songs Retelling the content of this poem Uncle Can’t Sleep Tonight, you will love it and write better.

Topic: Retelling the content of Minh Hue’s poem “Uncle Sleepless Night Tonight” into a story in different narrations (third person or first person).

A/ Detailed outline

1. Opening lesson

– Introduce yourself (who? – This choice determines the first person narration)

– Introduce the story I will tell (“Uncle did not sleep tonight”)

2. Body

– State the circumstances of the story (time, place, etc.)

“Uncle’s Sleep Tonight”: During the Border campaign in late 1950, in a forest in the border region.

– The main character in the story: describe the character in detail

– Retelling a story with a beginning, a development, an end (based on the events occurring in the poem to convert it into a narrative text)

3. Conclusion

– State your thoughts and feelings when participating in or witnessing the story.

B/ Sample essay

Retelling the content of the poem Uncle did not sleep tonight – sample 1

In my life, the most beautiful days are the days when I can live and fight beside Uncle Ho. Those days really left me with unforgettable memories.

At that time, I was a new soldier (the soldier was often called a member). My unit had just marched to the front when Uncle Ho directly went to the battlefield to direct the advance. That night, Uncle slept with his brothers in the unit. And also on that night, Uncle left in my love and respect an unforgettable impression.

Around midnight, when all the soldiers were in deep sleep, for some reason, I suddenly woke up. I didn’t have time to get up, but I saw Uncle’s face. He was still awake and it seemed that he had never slept. He sat in silence by the fire. Outside, the rain sporadically fell. I look at Uncle’s figure, the more I look at it, the more I love it. Uncle is lighting the fire. The old gray-haired father was warming me by a fire.

I remained silent and watched. I saw Uncle get up. He gently tucked the blankets back and forth. Looking at Uncle, I dreamed as if I was in a dream. Uncle’s shadow is so vast. So warm and noble. I sobbed and whispered softly:

– Uncle! Uncle did not sleep! Are you very cold?

Uncle turned to look at me affectionately:

– You just need to sleep well to go to war tomorrow.

I obeyed Uncle, but I could not sleep. I was restless, lying and worried about Uncle being sick. The campaign is still long and many difficulties are still waiting ahead. The third time I woke up. I was startled when I saw that Uncle was still sitting, his beard was still. I was hastily frantic:

– Uncle! It’s almost morning, Uncle took a break.

Uncle is still as gentle as before:

– Just sleep well. Just thinking about the crowd makes Uncle unable to sleep. It’s raining like that, I don’t know how the citizens and uncles eat and sleep. If you have a shirt in the forest, you will probably get wet. Dad feels so hot. I hope the sky is so bright.

I look at Uncle, my heart is warm and immense joy. That night, I stayed up with Uncle. I feel extremely happy because I have realized something that seems to have become the truth. Our uncle is great because he devoted his life to worries and love.

[Năm 2021]  Retelling the content of the poem Uncle didn't sleep at night watched the most

Retell the content of the poem Uncle did not sleep tonight – sample 2

After days of hard marching, the unit stopped in a forest and recorded in an empty, simple thatched hut.

It was raining heavily that day, heavy raindrops covered the roof of the tent. The wind blew through the crack in the door, receding in waves, howling with gusts. The space is cold and numb, sometimes there are cold winds blowing in like cutting skin, The night is deep and dark, the night is late, the soldiers have all slept after.

By the fire, Uncle was still awake and did not sleep. The firelight flickered, the pink flame burned warmly, dispelling the cold of winter. Uncle looks thoughtful, thoughtful expression. Uncle wears blue clothes that have worn and faded over time. The person was much older, the eyes were bright like stars with many wrinkles, dark circles and sunken dark circles of sleepless nights.

Uncle added more wood to the fire, the crackling sound, the fire burning red. Then Uncle stood up to the brothers considerate, gently covered each person with blankets. Uncle gently tiptoed to fear that the brothers would wake up. Uncle loved and cared for the soldiers like a father’s love for his children. Suddenly, a member of the team woke up, seeing that Uncle was still not asleep, sobbing his heart, he asked softly, “Uncle, why is Uncle still not sleeping now, it’s still raining outside, are you cold?”

Uncle Ho’s voice is warm and gentle, saying:

– Just sleep well, tomorrow you will go to war.

Little brother:

– Yes, but in my heart is still restless.

Being with Uncle, the soldier felt the boundless love that was warmer than any fire. The campaign is still long, there are still many hardships and difficulties, the road is dangerous, steep, many mounds. If you don’t sleep, why don’t you go? The resistance war was still long, so Uncle could not sleep.

The rooster crowed in the third watch, the forest was deep and quiet at night, but Uncle still hadn’t slept. Waking up after the third time, the team member was startled because Uncle was still not asleep. Uncle was still sitting there, his face fixed, deep in silence. The team member was too worried and insisted on inviting Uncle to sleep: “Please sleep Uncle, it’s almost morning”

This time, Uncle Ho revealed his feelings clearly: “You can just sleep well, Uncle will wear Uncle when he wakes, Uncle will not feel satisfied when sleeping, Uncle cares for the people, for the country, for the brothers to face. with many difficulties” “I was worried about the crowd that had to sleep in the forest without enough blankets and blankets, so it wouldn’t be wet in the cold rain.” Uncle just hoped that the morning would come soon so that the brothers wouldn’t be cold. His voice is full of compassion and love.

The team member was touched and stayed awake with Uncle. Outside, it was almost morning, and the fire was about to go out. So the whole night Uncle did not sleep.

Uncle Ho’s heart is as vast as the vast ocean. Throughout his life, Uncle Ho served the people for the country, sacrificed everything only to forget himself. I love and respect Uncle Uncle – the beloved old father of the nation.

Tonight was just one of countless nights Uncle didn’t sleep, so it was just common sense for him.

Retelling the content of the poem Uncle did not sleep tonight – sample 3

In the fall of 1950, our Party and Government decided to open the Cao – North – Lang campaign (also known as the Border campaign) to break through the French colonial defenses surrounding the Viet Bac base and open the way of communication. between our country and fraternal countries such as China, the Soviet Union, etc. Our troops prepared their forces relatively well, with close coordination on the battlefields to win.

Before the campaign started, Uncle Ho visited an army unit and stayed at the uncle’s place. Rainy night, cold weather, soldiers sleep around Uncle Uncle. Uncle alone does not sleep. The pot of people sat by the fire, hands clasped on their knees, eyes brooding, wrinkles deepening in the wide sun.

The night was late. The scene is in the dark. From time to time, the sound of nocturnal birds flapping their wings could be heard. The sound of rain falling on the roof of the shack. My comrades were sleeping soundly after a hard day of marching. I turned around, facing the fire and quietly looked at Uncle Ho – the beloved old Father of the Vietnamese army and people. Uncle lit the stove to burn, warmth spread throughout the field tent. Then Uncle went to make blankets for each soldier. Uncle attaches importance to the soldiers’ sleep, so he tiptoes very gently, trying not to make any noise. Uncle took care of the soldiers, no different from a loving mother taking care of her cubs.

I followed Uncle Ho’s every move, but my heart overflowed with infinite love and gratitude. The flickering light of the fire reflected Uncle Ho’s shadow on the simple bamboo wall. Uncle’s love warmed the soldiers before the battle. I felt like I was protected in that immense, passionate love. My heart swelled, bursting with emotion. I whispered softly:

– Uncle, why haven’t you slept yet? Are you very cold?

Uncle did not answer my question, but kindly advised:

– You just need to sleep well, to get strength to fight the enemy tomorrow!

Obeying Uncle Ho, I closed my eyes but my heart was still restless. We young soldiers have broad shoulders, while Uncle Uncle is both weak and old. How can someone who doesn’t sleep be healthy enough to direct this drastic campaign?

Time passed silently. The sky is turning to morning. When I woke up for the third time, I was startled to see that Uncle Ho was still sitting like a statue, his eyes heavy and thoughtful, staring at the pink flame. Unable to bear it, I had to say:

– Dear! Please take a short nap for good health!

My uncle said to me in a low voice:

– I don’t mind! Uncle could not sleep peacefully. It’s raining and cold like this, the crowd sleeps in the forest, how to avoid getting wet?! Uncle is very impatient, just hope the morning will come soon!

Listening to Uncle Ho’s words, I understand how deep and immense his love is! Uncle took care of soldiers and citizens as well as taking care of the campaign and the heroic and arduous resistance war of the whole people. That love covers the country and the people.

How happy and proud I am to be a soldier fighting under the glorious banner of the Party and Uncle Ho! Uncle has aroused in me comradeship, beautiful and noble class love. Unable to bear to sleep peacefully in a warm blanket, next to a red fire, when my comrades still had to endure many hardships, I stayed awake with Uncle Ho. Seeming to understand my heart, the pink flames also danced happily and became brighter.

Retelling the content of the poem Uncle did not sleep tonight – model 4

It was late at night. Outside, a strong wind blew. No more birds chirping in the trees. The forest scene in Viet Bac is so murky, so quiet!

For some reason, I couldn’t sleep. I think about the battle of tomorrow, the Dien Bien Phu campaign. While I was thinking about it, I heard a soft rustling sound. I got up. Is it Uncle? It’s late, why haven’t you slept yet?

Uncle sat quietly next to the red fire, his face was thoughtful as if he was thinking about something. Outside the old and broken thatched roof, the rain fell deeply and persistently. I looked up at Uncle, the more I looked, the more I felt sorry for him. Uncle is like a father. That father is lighting a fire for me and my teammates to lie down warm.

After that, Uncle went to make blankets for us: one by one. As if afraid that his brothers would startle him, Uncle Ho tiptoed gently, very lightly. Uncle Ho’s shadow shone in front of the fire, towering high, covering the whole tent. I have a dreamy feeling, Uncle’s shadow seems to make us warmer than the burning hip fire.

Sobbing my heart, I whispered:

– Uncle, have you not slept yet? Do you feel cold?

Uncle looked at me, smiled and replied in a warm voice:

– Yes, I haven’t slept yet. You just sleep for it, so that tomorrow you can go to war again!

Obeying Uncle, I closed my eyes, but still fidgeted. I lie down and still worry about Uncle being sick, my heart is in turmoil. The campaign is still long! The forest in Viet Bac is very steep. If Uncle didn’t sleep all the time, where would he find the strength to go? Then I fell asleep in no time.

The third time I woke up, it was on the fourth watch. Seeing Uncle still sitting, I panicked, startled. Are you still not sleeping? Morning is coming!!! I hurried:

– Uncle, it’s almost morning, please sleep so that tomorrow morning you can go!

Still in a gentle voice, Uncle said to me:

– You just go to sleep, and when Uncle wakes up, he will wear him. Can’t you sleep? I’m thinking about the crowd, it’s raining like this, they must be very cold. I just hope the morning will come soon. I don’t know what’s wrong with them?

I suddenly understood, Uncle was awake because he thought about the crowd. Uncle not only took care of us, but also worried about people far away who had never met him. Uncle’s heart is so great. My heart was filled with joy and I decided to stay awake with Uncle.

Tonight, Uncle did not sleep because he was the one who always took care of everyone more than himself. Uncle Ho is the father of the Vietnamese people – because he is Ho Chi Minh.

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