Kể lại những kỉ niệm vui buồn tuổi thơ em hay nhất (dàn ý – 4 mẫu) – Ngữ văn lớp 8

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Kể lại những kỉ niệm vui buồn tuổi thơ em hay nhất (dàn ý – 4 mẫu) – Ngữ văn lớp 8
Bạn đang xem: Kể lại những kỉ niệm vui buồn tuổi thơ em hay nhất (dàn ý – 4 mẫu) – Ngữ văn lớp 8 tại Kênh Văn Hay

Topic: Telling some happy and sad memories of childhood


Outline Recounting some happy and sad memories of childhood


1. Opening lesson

– Introduce memories that will be told: happy or sad memories, a brief introduction.

2. Body

a. Tell me your memories

Time: 2nd grade year.

– Location: in the countryside with grandparents.

– Circumstances: Parents send their grandparents to live for a while. Due to being pampered and used to living, when I returned to my hometown, I was not polite to my grandparents.

– The incident: stole her money. When she repented and confessed, she did not scold, but gently advised.

b. My own feelings

– Apologize, torment and promise yourself to change to become a good person.

3. Conclusion: Feelings about childhood and memories.

Childhood is the innocent and carefree period of a person. We should appreciate that.

– And our childhood memories will be our luggage on the next step.


Recounting some happy and sad memories of childhood – sample 1

My parents have 3 children: Ms. Thu, my name is Binh, the youngest sister’s name is Hue. My parents’ family is in the “medium average” category. Parents love their children very much.

This year, I was an 8th grader in middle school. My sister is a third year student at Hanoi National Economics University. My sister passed away when I was in fourth grade. You are beautiful, obedient, I love you very much. Since the day you passed away, I have been through many years of grief. My mother kept getting sick, and it took two or three years to recover.

In 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, I was an advanced student, and was awarded a certificate of merit “Uncle Ho’s good son”. But when I was in fourth grade, especially since my sister Hue got sick and passed away suddenly, I was shocked, my studies slowed down, and then I got worse. Many nights, I dreamed of seeing my sister again. He once said that he really wanted candy. Every Sunday afternoon, I go up to visit her grave, I bring two candies, put them on a leaf, and put them on her grave. I don’t burn incense. I just sat there, tears streaming down my face. Once I dreamed of meeting you. It cried and said: “Mom and I found you a red sweater before, you’re cold!..I told her about it again. The poor mother said: “My clothes are all burned!”. After that, my mother found it and found that Hue’s woolen clothes were still in the suitcase.

My canvas shoes were frayed and torn. Mom was sick, I didn’t dare ask her to buy me a new pair of shoes. In the seventh grade, the winter was very rainy and cold. In the middle of the night in December, I dreamed of seeing you again. She asked me many things: asked about her toys, asked about the blonde doll that Thu bought her. Finally, she whispered to me: “I give you money in the belly of my piggy bank. I used that money to buy shoes, my shoes are all torn!” I told my mother about that dream. Mom was surprised. My mother searched forever to find Hue’s piggy bank. My pig raising money is 104,000 VND. Mother bought me canvas shoes with the money left by my sister.


In the seventh grade, I did better in school, but I was still an average student with good behavior. That summer vacation, Ms. Thu tutored me for two months in Math and English. Entering the eighth grade, my mother’s health was completely restored, she was happy. I also learned quite well. On Mid-Autumn Festival night, I dreamed of meeting my sister again. I took her to pick up the lights and break the party. She said to me: “You have to study hard to teach me!”

When she heard me talk about this dream, tears welled up in her eyes. Mom said: “If your brother was still alive, he would be in fourth grade this year! My sister has passed away but still remembers, still loves, still loves him. You must try to study as well as your brother wants to be…

Every day when I get 10, my heart is happy, I think of you again, remember many happy and sad memories about my lost sister.

Recounting some happy and sad memories of childhood – sample 2

I once heard a saying: “Joy is easy to forget, but sadness is difficult”. That’s a very nice and accurate statement, at least for me. Once, I stole money from my grandmother, it was a very sad thing, although it happened a long time ago, I still remember and regret it forever.

Back then, in 2nd grade, I was a very stubborn and naughty boy. As an only child, I was very pampered. My parents always give the best for me, never scold me even if I do wrong. So I don’t know what to fear. That year, my parents had to work far away, I was sent to my grandparents’ house, which is a house in a countryside, where there are fields, gardens, things that I have not seen in the city. I really hate this place, I hate my grandparents too. I always demanded everything while my grandparents were not very rich, always forcing them to give me what I asked for. I don’t know that in order to get these things, old grandparents still have to work hard, even dare not eat to give it to me. There is no air conditioner in their house, so they have to give me two electric fans, and they use mo fans.


One day, passing the grocery store, I saw a lot of junk food that I did not have money to buy, I went home in anger and frustration, she called in to eat and I was still angry:

– I don’t want to eat!

She did not scold, but gently said:

– Who bullied your grandson?

I said nothing, quietly climbed into bed. When I woke up in the afternoon, I saw no one at home, my grandparents must have gone somewhere. I suddenly saw 50000 under her pillow, I wondered for a while, suddenly remembered the snacks, took a risk, I stole her money to buy. At night, I saw that she did not seem to know, her smiling face still called me in to eat. Today’s tray of rice has many delicious dishes, she said:

– I think you don’t like fish, so today I cut the chicken and bought some shrimp to roast for you, I was supposed to buy you some more roast meat, but I don’t know where I dropped it, it took 50000, I’m sorry. sorry, next day she will make up for it!

Hearing this, the corners of my eyes were stinging, so many regrets came rushing back, I hugged her and sobbed, I told her about my theft of the card’s money and apologized to her. Thought she would scold and get angry, but she just patted her head and said:

– I know you live in the city fully, you won’t get used to it when you come here, but I always want you to feel comfortable, if you want to eat something, tell your grandmother to buy it, don’t steal money, that’s not good.

I apologized to her and promised to be obedient, never to steal money or ask for anything more because I know my grandparents loved me very much.

Many years have passed but it is still a memory that I will never forget when I remember my childhood. It’s been a long time since I’ve been back to visit my grandparents, I’ll definitely come back this summer. I know that my grandparents are always looking forward to the day I return, I have to go back to review unforgettable memories.

Recounting some happy and sad memories of childhood – sample 3

Oh! Time has gone by so fast. Having just started playing and having fun, I am now a seventh grader. I really miss my fun rides when I was a kid. At that time, there was no need to think much and my childhood was a series of memorable days.

The last Mid-Autumn Festival reminded me of when I was four years old. The day before the Mid-Autumn Festival, my parents took me to buy lanterns. The street is crowded with people. With great difficulty, my whole family squeezed into a lantern shop. Standing in front of lanterns of various colors, shapes and designs, my eyes fluttered. Dad said: “Van! I choose one.” Well, do you know which one to get? Look around the shop and then speak very quietly just enough for me to hear: “I want to buy it all!”. “Why, choose quickly” – My mother urged.I stood looking around again, this time I discovered a beautiful pink butterfly hiding beside Superman, who likes pink, just saw it was me. Pointed at it and demanded to buy it. The salesman took out the Butterfly for me. Oh, how cute it is. Even though it’s not as big as the butterfly over there, it’s really impressive. to me its whole body is pink, its wings are light pink, plus its fringes are really pleasing to the eye.The two curved whiskers are so cute.It’s an electronic lantern, every time I turn it on When the switch is on, it runs around, the light is bright all around. I like it so much guys!

That night I felt very happy. At night, I could not sleep. Lying on the small bed, I kept tossing and turning, tossing and turning. There are countless questions in my head: “What is the Mid-Autumn Festival?”, “Are you happy?”, …thinking about it, I finally fell asleep. The next day, when I woke up, the noise was loud outside and reverberated throughout the neighborhood, well, it turned out that the children in the neighborhood were preparing for tonight’s Mid-Autumn Festival. As soon as I saw me walking down to the living room, my mother held a light red and yellow dress in her hand, saying: “Van! Try to see if this set is suitable for you?”. New shirt, ah, gone too far. I suddenly fell in love with this Tet. There are new toys, new clothes, and delicious mooncakes. In the evening, the normally quiet alley suddenly became bustling, the lamps of everyone harmonized to create colorful and interesting. Mid-autumn songs played, children carried their lanterns running around in the alley. Adults serve food, tea and cakes near the door to watch the moon and chat. Those moments are still etched in my heart.

Hopefully, these fine cultural traditions will always be respected and preserved by everyone.

Recount some happy and sad memories of childhood – sample 4

Everyone has a friend to share their joys and sorrows with, to listen and understand. I also had a friend like that, but I accidentally lost it. It was the saddest childhood memory I have ever experienced. To this day, I always regret it every time I think about it.

My best friend is Nam – a gentle and precious friend. Nam played with me since I was a kid because my house and his house are close together. Nam always gives in to me, also because I’m a girl and mostly because he loves me very much. And I always bullied him, always played tricks to make him sad. Whenever the two argued, Nam always apologized. Really, Nam is a great friend.

Nam is a handsome and well-educated man, moreover he is very gallant. In class, Nam is always loved by teachers and classmates. I also study very well, and I am loved by everyone, but always after Nam, it feels like he is a little bit better than me in everything. From that moment, I started to envy and hate Nam. I don’t go to school with him anymore, I don’t go to his house to study as usual, and I talk less with Nam. He seems to know that, so he talks to me often, but every time, I avoid it. That day, the class had a Math test, although I was very determined to get a higher score than Nam, the final result was only 9, he got 10. Although he got the second highest score, the teacher only focused on compliments. Nam, that makes me even more angry. On the way back, Nam asked me:

– I think I did something wrong to make you angry, right?

I stopped and shouted angrily.

– You go and know for yourself, what are you better than me, why everyone pays attention to you, why you are always loved more. I hate you, never talk to me again, I don’t want to play with you.

The next day of school, Nam seemed sad and did not dare to approach or talk to me, and I did not care at all. Suddenly one day Nam stopped going to school. The teacher announced that Nam had gone to Germany with his parents, a feeling of disappointment crept into my mind and heart. When I got home, I received a gift box that he asked his mother to give me because he did not dare to give it directly. In it was a teddy bear – a bear that I liked so much when we both went to the fair together without having money to buy. There was also a letter in the gift box: “Dear my best friend, I don’t understand why you hate me, don’t want to play with me, but I still love you because you are an important person. I’m gone, you won’t see me anymore, you’ll be happy. Good luck with your studies and success. Your friend – Nam”. After reading the letter, my tears fell at times, I regret so much, just because of my childish selfishness that I lost a precious friend. I know there’s nothing I can do to regret now. I silently apologized to Nam and hoped he would forgive me.

Now, when I think about it, the corners of my eyes are stinging, and my heart regrets what I did. It was a very sad memory for me, it will forever be a great lesson for me. Hopefully one day, Nam will come back so I can tell him I’m sorry from the bottom of my heart: sorry, my best friend.

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