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Reference materials to guide the feeling of stanzas 3, 4, 5, 6 of the fishing boats compiled and synthesized by Le Hong Phong High School, including a detailed outline and some sample essays or analysis of stanza 3, 4, 5, 6 in the song The fleet of fishing boats fish by Huy Can.

Instructions on how to feel verses 3, 4, 5, 6 of the fishing boats

Topic: My opinion about the following poem:

“My boat sails the wind with moon sails

Surfing between the high clouds and the flat sea,

To park far away to explore the belly of the sea,

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Seamless knitting of seine nets.

The pompano and the catfish,

Red and black torches twinkling,

Your tail wags the golden moon,

Breathing night: stars drive Ha Long water.

I sing a song that calls the fish in,

Typing the boat has a high moon beat,

The sea gives me fish like a mother’s heart,

Nurture our life from day to day.

The stars are dim, pull the net in time for the morning sun,

I pull my hand curls a bunch of heavy fish,

Silver scales and golden tails flash at dawn,

The nets set sails to catch the pink sun.”

(Fishing boat – Huy Can, Literature 9 volume 1,

Education Publishing House 2013, page 140)

1. Analyze the topic

– Request: state your feelings about the content of stanzas 3, 4, 5, 6 in the article Fishing boat.

– Scope of documents and evidence: typical verses, words, details in 4 stanzas (from stanzas 3 to 6) of the poem Fishing boat.

– Main argumentation method: analysis, stating feelings.

2. Thesis system

– Argument 1: The people set sail with great stature (verse 3)

– Argument 2: Beautiful seascape at night (verse 4)

– Thesis 3: Enthusiastic working spirit and gratitude to the sea (verse 5)

– Thesis 4: The image of people working with brilliant results (paragraph 6)

>>> Refer to the detailed instructions on composing the fishing fleet to find and select ideas.

3. Make a detailed outline

a) Opening lesson

– Brief introduction about the author and work:

+ Huy Can is one of the typical faces of modern Vietnamese poetry with poems full of joy about life, love of nature, people and life.

+ Fishing boat is a song praising the new life, the magnificent image of nature and working people showing the harmony between nature and people.

– Overview of the content of the poem: The unique stanzas from stanzas 3 to 6 describe the beauty and harmony between man and nature on the splendid and magnificent background of the ocean universe.

b) Body

* Argument 1: People set sail with great stature

– The exaggerated art of “Surfing between high clouds and flat sea” – the small fishing boat now, through the author’s eyes, is comparable to the universe.

– The metaphorical art of “driving the wind to sail the moon”: nature in harmony, with people working.

=> The above artistic measures highlight the stature of people and boats.

– The working atmosphere is becoming more exciting “Going far away to explore the belly of the sea” – even in the dark night, despite the strong wind, fishermen still go out to sea to search for fish cages in the seabed.

– Metaphor: “Staging the battlefield” – the fishing life of fishermen is like a fierce battle.

=> The combination of reality (boats) with romance (boats driving the wind, moon hanging on sails) creates beautiful and profound poems.

* Argument 2: Beautiful seascape at night

– The poet has listed the precious fishes of the sea: pompano, pompano, and catfish showing the richness and preciousness of the sea.

– Personification of “The tail is wagging” combined with adjectives indicating color: make the poem more vivid.

– The comparison of “fish tail” with “torch”: interesting comparison images rich in associations.

– The poet calls fish by a very gentle way-“em” contains a love for fish and the sea in the homeland.

– “Night breathes stars to drive Ha Long water”: The night in front of the sea is like a life.

=> Nature on the sea at night is really colorful like a lacquer painting.

* Thesis 3: Enthusiastic working spirit and gratitude to the sea

– “I sing a song to call fish in” : The fishermen have turned their hard work into a joyful song -> The fisherman’s song has the miraculous ability to call fish into the net.

-> Romantic writing style when describing makes night fishing more poetic

+ The fishermen are extremely grateful to the sea “the sea gives us fish like a mother’s heart”.

+ Comparing the sea with the mother’s womb shows that the sea has nourished people for generations.

-> Speaks of pride and gratitude to the sea.

=> Humans always have the desire to win and master nature, but they are also extremely grateful to nature.

* Thesis 4: The image of people working with brilliant results

– When starting to set sail is at night, when the “stars are dim”, the boat returns in the morning:

+ The fishing is bountiful: “pulling the arm of the heavy fish”.

+ Great results, laborers rejoice: the fish on the boat sparkles in the dawn light, the fishermen set up their nets and set sails to return in the “pink sun”.

c) Conclusion

– Summarize the content and artistic value of the poem.

Sample essay for reference, feeling stanzas 3, 4, 5, 6 of the fishing boats

The fishing fleet is considered a hymn praising new life. Author Huy Can then transferred to the field in Quang Ninh mines. The poem has many artistic features. The poem has a magnificent image of nature and people working to show the harmony between nature and people. In which, there are special stanzas from stanza 3 to stanza 6.

Intoxicating inspiration, the song of labor still sounds healthy, praising the fishing scene at sea, under the starry sky in stanza 3:

My boat sails with the wind and sails with the moon

Surfing between the high clouds and the flat sea

In the middle of the picture of the sky, clouds, and the vast sea, the arduous fishing work appears in a poetic way. With the art of romantic imagination, nature is like close friends, “wind” is the driver, “moon” is the sail that makes the hard work feel light and poetic. The verb “surf” expresses the speed and lightness of the wind-driven boats and the breezy atmosphere of the fishermen. Magnificent, large, and liberal natural scene by people who are happy, free, and self-controlled. In a harmonious relationship, the more glorious and great nature is, the more it enhances the beauty of human beings.

Their stature skyrocketed, comparable to the sky and sea, the universe, performing their work with all their wisdom and ability:

“Go to park far away to explore the belly of the sea

The array of seine nets”

Besides the leisurely and drunkenness of the fishing village people, we still feel their hardships. Work is really a battle that is described by many strong verbs, showing the mastery of nature and the willingness to work hard of new people. Every night, they have to cross many miles of sea in the night sky, to park far away to catch a lot of fish. Not only that, they also have to “search the belly of the sea” in order to find fishing grounds, “strategize the battlefield” to catch fish. It is thanks to the deep understanding of the profession and deep sympathy for the fishermen that the author is able to paint that realistic but no less romantic picture.

Not only delicate in aesthetic feelings but also rich in living capital, Huy Can understands quite well the work of fishermen. The boat had found the right fishing ground and the net was dropped:

“Fish fish with pomfret and fish ”

Twinkling fish with black and pink torch

My tail wags the yellow moon”

With the art of romantic imagination, the sea and sky with many fish species with many shimmering colors become magical under the moonlight. By the method of listing and saying “fish”, the author has named many precious fish species, showing the richness and diversity of species, supplementing the species of fish in the poem describing the mackerel school “weaving in the sea”. “. The image of the grouper is a talented drawing, the scales of the black and pink fish glistening on the sparkling moonlight like torches in the deep night sea. The “wagging tail” makes the picture very vivid, along with the ingenious art of color mixing, making the poem as beautiful as a brilliant lacquer painting. Nature is anthropomorphized “breathing”, along with the way fish is called “em” expressing the love of the motherland and the deep love of the sea.

The singing of the working people is raised up liberally, soaring, full of faith in love of life:

“I sing a song that calls the fish in,

Tapping the boat has a high moon beat.”

Romantic quality covers the whole picture of labor and fishing boats. The fishermen sang to describe their work with a strong love of life, turning difficulties into joy. The lyrics calling fish in have added to the poetic part of the lacquer painting. The image of “knocking the boat has a high moon beat” is an extremely creative and poetic image, the moon is reflected in the water, the waves crashing against the side of the boat “knock” to call the fish in. The unique rhymes are woven with the author’s fresh and optimistic look at the sea and people, expressing the love of labor, the desire to conquer nature and the dream of enriching and beautifying the lives of the people. new workers.

Emotions surged, the praise of the sea resounded earnestly:

“The sea gives me fish like a mother’s heart

Nurture our lives from day to day.”

The sea is not only beautiful, but the sea is also very rich, with rich and diverse marine resources that bring happiness to people. The familiar image of “like a mother’s womb” is a tribute to the sea, expressing the pride of the fishermen in the sea of ​​their homeland and comparing the sea to feeding people like a caring and nurturing mother. cubs. The voice of the poem is natural, sincere, warm, full of love and has a folk song.

The night is coming to an end, the sky is going to be morning, the fishermen who love the sea and love their homeland work hard:

“The stars are dim, pull the nets in time for dawn

I pull the arm of the heavy fish.”

With a fast-paced verse, the verse has honestly expressed the attitude and fast-paced work of the fishing boats. The image of “twisting the hand” is like carving a lively fisherman statue, leaning forward to stand firm, putting all his strength into his billowing arms pulling the stretch net, extremely strong and beautiful. The image of a “heavy fish cluster” depicts a bountiful result of labor, showing that the net has a lot of fish, satisfying the wishes of the fishermen. At the same time, that image also contains a lot of joy and happiness of the fishermen before the results that they have spent so much effort to harvest and the passion for dedicating and contributing the results of their labor to the community. country.

The heavy fish net is pulled up, the early rays of sunlight shining on the fish compartment are full of sparkling colors:

“Silver scales with golden tails flashing at dawn

The net is set up to catch the pink sun.”

The tail fins of the fish sparkled in the brilliant sunrise. The words “silver, gold” give the verse a sparkling color, expressing the wealth of the sea on the one hand, and also showing the fishers’ respect for the fruits of their labor. . At the same time, it is also their gratitude to the generosity and favor of the sea towards people. “Receiving the pink sun” represents their refreshing and elated state when the work is successfully completed. “Pink Sunshine” not only depicts the bright beauty of the sky but also shows love for life and love for nature. The pink color of a new day, a new life is welcoming everyone.

Poem “Fishing boat” is a song that is both exciting, exhilarating and healthy, strong, combined with the cyclic movement of cosmic nature, making the poem a start in new inspiration about the country’s nature and faith. in a vibrant new life. The poem depicts many beautiful and magnificent images, showing the harmony between nature and working people, expressing the poet’s joy and pride in front of the country and life.

Above are the suggestions of Le Hong Phong High School with a sample essay to help you easily analyze and feel the content of stanzas 3, 4, 5, 6 poems Fishing boat (Huy Can). In addition, to improve skills as well as expand vocabulary when writing, please read and refer to many other 9th grade sample essays compiled and compiled by us at website Doctalieu.com. Good luck with your studies!

Instructions for writing comments on stanzas 3, 4, 5, 6 of the fishing fleet, make an outline and refer to a sample essay or analyze, feel the content of stanzas 3, 4, 5, 6 in the fleet fishing (Hui Can)

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